TedTalk – Confessions of a Kidney Donor

We often don’t have enough infromation about Kideny donation and its effects for a donor, while thinnking of only the negative impacts for donating a kidney. This is a great story from one pairting of a livinge donation. Thanks TedTalk for featuring the story of Allyssa and Christopher Bates!

A couple of notes: More and more dialysis patients have the option of taking more control over their dialysis treatments and schedules and being able to complete their dialysis sessions at home. After being surprising diagnosed for End Stage Kidney Failure while at the hospital for a totall un-related health issue, I started dialysis with 7 months of in center hemodialysis and was able to change over to Peritoneal Dialysis that I can do at home. I will share more details about thia and Home Hemo Dialysis in other posts of some of the positives and negatives. But currently, only about 10% of dialysis patients subscribe to this option and many in the medical community (even kidney specialists) are not familiar, nor offer this as an option to patients.

Even if you did not wish or do not qualify to donate a kidney while alive, please consider registering with your local Secretary of State’s Office to go to http://www.DonateLife.Net to learn more about donating your organs or bone merrow upon yours or someon else’s passing. Thanks for being willing to learn and be educated!