Zoning Use Certification for Un-Incorporated Cook County

Attention home sellers and buyers in Unincorporated Cook country regarding a new country ordinance (law) that was passed. The following was published by the Chicago Association of Realtors on Mar 23

“Unincorporated Cook County Zoning Use Certification Effective March 21
Please be reminded, as we’ve previously published, effective on March 21, 2015, prior to the sale of any property in unincorporated Cook County (except condominium or coop units), the Seller must apply to the Cook County Building Commissioner for a Zoning Use Certificate. The stated purpose of this new requirement is to help ensure that the parties in a real estate transaction have knowledge of the zoning and permitted use of the parcel in the transaction.
The Illinois Association of REALTORS® played a role in providing input to the building commissioner’s office on the form.
Pursuant to the new Ordinance: “The owner or owner’s agent or attorney shall make application using a form from the Office of the Building Commissioner.”
The following information items will be on the form:

Name, Address of the owner(s); if the owner is a corporate body, name of responsible officer;
Complete legal description of the property;
A current plat of survey of the property (if available);
Description of present use(s);
A certification that no construction has occurred on the property for which a permit is required without the issuance of such permit;
Proof of compliance with applicable Cook County ordinances pertaining to child support.
A fee of $100 must accompany the Application form.

Within 10 business days after the receipt of the Application, the Zoning Administrator of the County shall either issue the Zoning Use Certificate or deny the Application. Written reasons for denial will be stated. The Certificate will state that the property is being used consistent with applicable Zoning ordinances of the County.
A Certificate of Zoning Use is valid for a period not to exceed six months from issuance. As more information on the application process comes from the County, we will make that available through your local Association.

NOTE: Some municipalities in northern Illinois (including Chicago) have a zoning “check” or certification, like this, to make sure that all parties in a property transfer are aware of the zoning on the property. Some municipalities issue a letter to the prospective buyer to inform of the zoning.”

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