Google Driver-less Vehicles

What would you do with the time you spend in your daily commutes if all you had to do was get in the car, enter your destination and press Go?

The Google Prototype Driver-less car is fast getting around this holiday season in California with plans to have approximately 100 of these vehicles operating in the next year on actual roads. Even at the current 25 MPH speed limit, it’s a step in the right direction to minimize in-attentive drives who often use their commute time to perform other tasks while driving. As testing of the prototype progresses over time, I’m sure they will be able to update the software to react much quicker and provide safe operations at higher speeds of movement for the vehicle.

In urban areas like Chicago, it’s a great alternative to traditional public transportation offering some flexibility and privacy. It’s also a way for those who transitionally have limitations to driving (seniors, visually impaired, persons with other disabilities) to be able to operate their own vehicles without having to rely on others to get them around.

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