It’s a snow day! Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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Was tired last night and went to bed early.  Woke up at 4:30 AM and could not fall back to sleep.   So by 5:30 AM I was on the road dusting the light snow off the car to make my way into the office.  One thing about getting on the road early is that there are less vehicles on the road and it’s a quick 35 minute commute into the office.  A second big advantage is that in the West Loop of Chicago, where the office for C&C Realty Group, Inc.  is located, there is plenty or parking when I get here before 7 AM and I don’t have have to pay for parking.

I like the snow days for many reasons:  1)  It’s nice to have the season changes throughout the year so it does not get too boring.  2)  The temperatures during the winter are actually warmer on snow days because the water droplets tend to freeze when it’s too cold in the atmosphere so there is nothing coming down.  3)  It’s kinda fun to play in the snow during the winter time and make snow angels and such (just stay away from the colored snow, especially the yellow piles).  4)  I get to switch up my wardrobe during the winter months and wear some of the coats and jackets that I love.   5)  I prefer snow over rain because I don’t get too wet and it’s easy to dust off if I get some on me.

The negatives on snow days?

1)  People do not know how to drive on the road!  There are always accidents on snow days and sometimes 4-5 on each leg of the commute from people that drive too fast or don’t know how to control their vehicles on the road properly.  There are special techniques to driving during the winter which I might blog about some other time.

2)  There can be layers of ice on the road or worst, on the windshield of the car so you have to scrape that off and defrost it before you can get on the road — this adds some extra time to getting ready each day.

3)  People tend to cancel appointments and showings and I have to re-adjust my schedule.

On Heavy snow days here in Chicagoland, people tend to stay home which is good for reducing traffic and congestion on the roads and transit systems.  Many of the companies around Chicago area allow their employees to work from home and provide remote access for the winter time snow days and on days of extreme weather.


Overall, I don’t mind the snow days and prefer some chill in the air to keep me awake throughout the day and I’ve had 15 years to adjust to the winters here in Chicago and have been able to buy nice coats and winter clothing for when I’m outside.


View of parking lot from my office window.

View of parking lot from my office window.

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